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Your website is usually the first impression customers will have of your business. Follow these 5 tips to make sure its not their last.

1) What is the Purpose of Your Website?


Let’s use a restaurant example because it’s easy to relate to.

A restaurant website should serve at least 2 purposes: Getting repeat customers and attracting new customers.

Keeping your current customers satisfied and returning is the key to a successful restaurant business. Be sure to feature up-to-date specials, events, and even allow customers to reserve a table or order online on your website. When a customer enjoys your restaurant and wants to come back, make sure it’s a convenient and welcoming experience for them.

Attracting new customers is also a key component. As a potential customer visiting a restaurant’s website for the first time, there are 5 factors that will cause me to either try it or forget it: Professional and Enticing Pictures, Hours, Location, Menu and Reviews. Poor photos make potential customers instantly reluctant to give your restaurant a shot and can be impossible to recover from.

2) Who is Your Audience?

audienceWhile some businesses sell to everybody, most do not. Does your business sell exclusively to individuals, business owners, organizations, or another specific group? Maybe you only offer products geared towards women? Does your business cater mostly to a particular age range, like teens or people over 65?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, your website should be designed accordingly. The images, colors, and messages included in your website must be relevant to your audience. If you use a pre-made template or website builder, chances are your website won’t be specific to your audience.

Make sure you are sending the right message to the right people. You will be more successful having the perfect message for a small audience, rather than a blanket message for every possible visitor.

3) What Makes People Come Back?

reason-revisitThink about the websites you visit regularly: Search Engines, Social Media, News, Weather, Shopping and Banking.

What makes you keep coming back? All of these websites have at least 1 of 2 things in common: they are updated regularly or you can interact with them.

You don’t need millions of visitors to achieve the same result. When your website is updated regularly, people have an incentive to return. When visitors can also interact with your website, they are even more engaged and much more likely to revisit.

Be sure your website design gives visitors a reason to come back. The more often people visit, the more they’ll remember and talk about you.

4) What and How Often Will You Update?

updatesYou should notice by now how important it is to update your website regularly.  Develop a consistent update schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) and stick to it. Many people are reluctant to update their website because it can be time-consuming, difficult, or don’t know what content to add.  A good web designer will easily find a solution fit for your business needs.

One way to update your website easily is to integrate it with your social media accounts. Instead of having to login to your website, you can simple update your social media profiles from your phone or tablet and the post will go right to your site.

Some business owners are simply too busy to update their websites. If this is the case, work out an agreement with your web designer to have them update it. These plans are usually based on a set number of updates per week/month, and can be prepaid or invoiced. Communicating with your designer about updates is helpful in posting relevant content.

There are many types of content that you can add to your website. Popular content includes: Blog Posts, News, Events, Social Media Posts, Photos, Reviews, Specials, Promotions… the list goes on and on. A website update could be simply posting a photo of a job your business is working on, or as involved as writing an extensive blog post. The point is, you are working on something every day… share it!

5) What’s Your Elevator Pitch?

elevator-pitchMany visitors to your website don’t make it past your home page. While there are steps you can take to prevent this, sometimes you just can’t.

Pretend you have only 7 seconds to present your message to a potential customer or website visitor. Decide what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. This needs to be the first thing people see when your home page loads.

This will convince most visitors to explore your website and learn more about your business. Even the people that leave right away will remember and associate your business with your unique message.


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