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Brochures are a must-have marketing material. An effective brochure design will engage customers and introduce them to your business. Take a look at 2 brochure designs that I finished recently for companies in NJ.

Brochure Design – J. Kramer Landscaping

J. Kramer Landscaping Brochure - Outside

Purpose: J. Kramer Landscaping & Snow Plowing offers 3 distinct services: Landscaping, Snow Plowing, & Seal Coating. They want to market themselves to commercial businesses and property management companies. The solution was a brochure that demonstrates their year-round property maintenance services.

Design: The tri-fold brochure is full-color and double-sided. The cover of the brochure communicates the primary message instantly. The inside fold highlights the company’s personality and builds trust. There is a logo representing each service on the back cover.

J. Kramer Landscaping Brochure - Inside
Each panel on the inside of the brochure details information about each service. The colors are coordinated with each brand. I was able to use photos that I had taken previously for J. Kramer’s websites.

Brochure Design – Griffiths Technical Inc.

Griffiths Technical Inc - InsidePurpose: Griffiths Technical Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of products for Porsche Air Conditioning.  They needed a high-quality marketing brochure that can be included with orders to promote their most popular ac products.

Design: To fit the products, we chose an 8.5 x 14, double-parallel-fold format. The brochure was printed full color on heavy card-stock. The front panel summarizes the amount of products offered, which the back demonstrates the quality of the brand. Griffiths Technical Inc - Inside
The remaining 6 panels provide photos and information about a range of automotive product categories.


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