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Victor Kramer

Established in 1939, Victor Kramer provides best-in-class consulting services to the commercial laundry industry. They serve thousands of the world’s leading hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, businesses, and governments.

The Purpose

Victor Kramer’s existing website was created more than fifteen years ago, and hadn’t been updated since. They needed a modern, mobile-friendly design capable of showcasing both their past and future projects.

The Solution

Given the vast amount of content that Victor Kramer had been producing the past few decades, I created on a design that organized and highlighted it. The completed projects section contains hundreds of table rows, but is both sortable and searchable for improved UX. The look and feel is very corporate and conservative. I also used high-quality stock images to communicate key areas. The new website demonstrates Victor Kramer’s achievements, while providing a platform to provide future updates.

Website Features

AJAX Table

Sticky Contact Form

Services Involved

Website Design



Website Design Pricing

Most websites cost $999 to $2,999

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