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The Shred Shed

The Shred Shed is a project, started by Reese Freeman, aimed to design and a build a shreddable tiny house. The idea behind the Shred Shed is to provide life, freedom, and fun in a tiny package.

The Purpose

The Shred Shed started as a far-fetched idea to build a tiny-house that also acts as a mobile snowboarding rail and feature. To get the project off the ground, The Shred Shed needed a platform to organize, illustrate, and legitimize the idea. It needed a website that would serve 3 purposes: outlining the concept and building an audience, posting project updates regularly, and eventually broadcasting videos, photos, news, and updates once the project is completed.

The Solution

Since the primary audience of The Shred Shed will be millennials, I designed the website with mobile in mind. Moving up to a laptop or larger device, the home-page background becomes a full-screen video. Each page is designed to to offer a minimal glimpse of content above the fold, while scrolling down offers more details. Combining high-quality original photos with custom illustrations, graphics, and typography, The Shred Shed’s website is simply stunning.

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