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The Accidental Lawyer

Take a peak into the life of an accidental lawyer. From KGB run-ins to parenting. Short stories from an attorney with 60 years of life experience.

The Purpose

The author of had a concept for a blog. He was looking for a digital medium to use for storytelling, but with a twist – he wanted the concepts that he wrote about to come to life… visually. He needed an easy way to draft, edit, collaborate, and publish stories. He also needed tools that could be used to promote the blog and establish a dedicated audience of followers.

The Solution

I created a website for The Accidental Lawyer that accomplished just that. While the graphics coordinate with the stories in the posts, the blog is really content-focused – the colors and fonts are designed for easy reading. There are also features that allow readers to get new posts via email, share posts on social media, and start a discussion on any post. The website will soon feature an integrated ecommerce system so that visitors can purchase T-shirts and other items related to the topics discussed in the stories.

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Most websites cost $999 to $2,999

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