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LRB Performance

LRB Performance is a full-service machine company specializing in High Performance and Racing Engines. Located in Franklin, NJ, LRB has over 30 years of experience in engine building, racing, and machining.

The Purpose

LRB Performance Machine Company specializes in building and rebuilding high-performance racing engines. They have over thirty years of experience and have worked on countless award-winning engines. Most of LRB’s customers are spread across the east coast of the United States. They needed a professional website that would showcase their products, services, and recent work.

The Solution

LRB’s new website stands out and looks appealing. I used a sharp contrast of colors and textures that compliments their logo. The Portfolio and Recent News sections show customers that LRB is busy and active in business. I kept the Products and Services pages simple because LRB would prefer to have customers contact them to talk about projects. Each page directs visitors to the Contact page. Here, customers can upload photos and fill out a form to talk about their project. Now customers are more enticed to contact LRB and it’s easier for LRB to communicate back.

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Most websites cost $999 to $2,999

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