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J Kramer Landscaping

J. Kramer Landscaping provides expert landscaping, hardscaping, and excavating services to residential and commercial customers. During the winter months, J. Kramer specializes in commercial snow removal services.

The Purpose

J. Kramer Landscaping offers several types of services including landscaping, snow removal, and sealcoating. They needed to promote each of these services to different types of customers. They needed a website that would make them stand out from the competition, show the results of their work, and demonstrate why they are the best in the business.

The Solution

I designed separate websites in order to effectively promote each service. To make the landscaping website sell to residential customers, I took on high-quality photos of finished work. I also focused on the reputation, professionalism, and personal touch that J. Kramer Landscaping offers. Since a large percentage of their business comes from property maintenance, I visually explained the process and benefits to convert visitors into customers.

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Most websites cost $999 to $2,999

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