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Custom Shirts NJ

Custom Shirts NJ is a website for EZGraphics – a custom shirt company in Newton, NJ. They specialize in affordable, high-quality custom shirts for businesses, events, and organizations.

The Purpose

EZGraphics needed a search-engine-opimized website so they could get found in the local area. They didn’t have any branding, content, or images, and needed to start from the ground up. They need a site to provide basic info and convert visitors into leads.

The Solution

I started by creating a fun, friendly, and professional brand that is appealing to a wide demographic. I designed a logo, chose complimentary typefaces and colors, and designed custom icons. Then I acquired a very appealing domain that has SEO potential. I did keyword research based on the state and organized the website into a search-engine-optimized structure. Next I wrote high-quality content and acquired images from suppliers to create the website. I built a quote form and optimized the website for conversion. The result achieves all of the project objectives.

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Social Media Sharing


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Most websites cost $999 to $2,999

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